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Thousands of studies have already proven the benefits of intermittent fasting (skipping a meal once in a while) on your health.

Well, intermittent hypoxia (skipping a breathing cycle every now and then) is 10X more effective!

The latest scientific studies show incredible benefits:

- cellular rejuvenation up to 25 years (skin, organs, nervous system)

- belly weight loss ("after burn" effect)

- breath improvement (strengthening of the pulmonary and cardiovascular system)

- better stress management (soothes nerve cells)

Intermittent hypoxia is even used in private oxygen therapy clinics to cure serious pathologies (supporting scientific studies).

Intermittent hypoxia is undoubtedly the therapy of the future for all those who care deeply about their health and personal development.

What is intermittent hypoxia?

Intermittent hypoxia is a temporary oxygen debt.

This is exactly the same principle as with intermittent fasting which is a temporary calorie debt.

Except that temporarily withdrawing from oxygen (seconds to minutes) has physiological effects 10X more powerful than skipping a meal or two!

In truth, intermittent hypoxia is already used by the best ...

In your opinion, why do top-level athletes train in the mountains before a competition?

Because the oxygen debt caused by altitude promotes the natural production of red blood cells and EPO (doping molecule).

Why do elite athletes prefer interval training (HIIT) over long duration cardio?

Because the short and intense training is done without oxygen (anaerobic) and this stimulates the natural production of testosterone and growth hormones.

Why do spiritual seekers control their breathing by holding breaths?

Because a temporary oxygen debt (intermittent hypoxia) promotes the creation of new neurons and therefore a more powerful brain that can develop extra sensory capacities.

In short, creating temporary oxygen debt has incredible transformative effects on your body and mind.

And after more than 10 years of practice, I reveal all the secrets to you in this ebook which will fascinate all those who want to function at a higher level of energy and consciousness.

Who is Loris Vitry?

Loris Vitry is a personal development coach and holistic therapist (body, heart, mind).

Over the years, he has specialized in breathing becoming an expert in intermittent hypoxia.

Through his books, training and coaching, he has already helped tens of thousands of people breathe better in order to function at a higher level (with more energy and less stress).

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I understand better why the Buteyko method did not work on me, it was chronic hypoxia! Your ebook was just exciting !!!

5,0 rating

I have been passionate about breathing since a young age and your ebook is really exciting!

Judy G.

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